Vivo Life is probably the Best Vegan Protein Company in Greece. Order Online your Vegan Protein or any other Plant Based Supplements and receive your Order in the next 3 working Days 

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  • Vivo Perform Raw Plant Protein and BCAA Powder 988g - Vivo Life Greece

    INGREDIENTS Bio-fermented Yellow Pea Protein, Cold Pressed Hemp Protein Reishi Mushroom Fruiting Body Powder (15:1 extract, 30% polysaccharides) Plant Based BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) Turmeric Extract (95% curcuminoids), Black Pepper...
  • Vivo Perform Raw Plant Protein and BCAA Powder 536g

    HIGH PROTEIN - 25g Raw Plant Protein and 6g Plant-based BCAAs per scoop. Bio-fermented Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Chlorella and Spirulina. Superior amino acid profile to whey! DELICIOUS TASTE -...
  • Plant Protein Collagen Builder

    The Better Way to Build Collagen Scientifically proven to effectively support natural collagen formation, essential for healthy skin, hair and nails Superior Amino acid profile to a typical serving of...
  • WHOLE Plant Based Nutritional Shake - 1KG / 25 SERVINGS

    Fuel your day with WHOLE, an all-in-one blend of plant-based protein, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals. Perfect for when you're short on time or on the go.  20g of protein from pea,...

    Maximise your physical and mental performance so you can do more, naturally. Unlock your natural potential. Scientifically proven to improve your athletic performance Beetroot powder to increase blood flow and...
  • Ritual Plant Based Vegan Protein 900G / 30 SERVINGS

    A simple blend of pea, hemp and quinoato add 20g protein to your daily routine. 20g plant protein from pea, hemp and quinoa Highly bioavailable with a complete amino acid...
  • B12 VIVO LIFE VEGAN B12 60ml - Vivo Life Greece

    Short Expiration date 17/08/23 60ML / 60 SERVINGS High potency vegan vitamin B12 blend 500 mcg per serving High potency vegan vitamin B12 blend Liquid form for rapid absorption Containing...
  • Omega 3 Plant Based - 60ml - 30 servings Vivo Life Greece

    60ML / 30 SERVINGS Omega 3 Ultra-pure Vegan EPA and DHA supplement derived from algae 300mg EPA and 600mg DHA per serving Made from sustainably grown algae Cold pressed and...
  • D3 with K2 50ml 100 servings- Vivo Life Greece

    Vegan vitamin D3 with K2 2000IU of D3 + 25mcg of K2 per serving Vegan vitamin D3 derived from algae Vitamin K2 to aid D3 absorption Liquid form for rapid...

    Get an exclusive 15% off our Liquid Essentials Bundle! These essential vitamins and minerals can be difficult to get from your diet alone especially if you're following a plant based diet. So...
  • Vivo Thrive Living Multinutrient Superfood Powder 240g

    Vitamin B12 to support healthy energy levels and immune function Plant based vitamin D for bone health and muscle support Gotu kola and lion's mane mushroom to enhance brain function...
  • SUSTAIN Vegan EAA Supplement & Electrolyte Complex

    Vivo Sustain Plantbased BCAA & Coconut Water Powder 280G / 30 SERVINGS  Bcaa helps to enhance your muscular endurance and promote sustained performance during exercise Fast acting hydration from coconut...
  • Vivo Life Gelatinised Maca Powder 80g / 80 servings

    ENERGY: Maca is a natural energy booster that has been used for thousands of years to promote strength, stamina and longevity. Rich in B vitamins, iron and zinc. HORMONES: Maca...
  • MATCHA 80g 80 servings - Vivo Life

    Certified organic A grade matcha powder Buy matcha Online Buy matcha Online, Free Delivery Maximise your energy and sharpen your mind with the power of matcha Natural energy boost without...
  • RAW HOT CHOCOLATE - 120g Vivo Life

    With Reishi Mushroom, Ashwagandha and Ceylon Cinnamon. Rich raw hot chocolate with cacao, coconut milk and cinnamon Reishi mushroom to promote relaxation and healthy sleep cycles Ashwagandha to lower cortisol...
  • MATCHA COCONUT LATTE - 120g Vivo Life

    With Cordyceps, Ginger and Cardamom. Deliciously creamy matcha latte with coconut milk, ginger and cardamom Cordyceps mushroom to promote healthy energy levels and focus Matcha naturally energises without the crash...
  • GOLDEN TURMERIC LATTE - 120ml Vivo Life

    With Lion’s Mane, Ginger and Cardamom. Deliciously creamy turmeric latte with coconut milk and Ceylon cinnamon Black pepper to enhance absorption of turmeric Lion’s Mane Mushroom to boost brain power...
  • Organic Ground Coffee - 280g - 20 servings Vivo Life Greece

    INGREDIENTS Organic Ground Coffee Powder 100% Arabica coffee beans grown in high altitudes in the Lekempt region of Ethiopia. Certified fair trade and organic. Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body Extract Lion’s...
  • CREATINE 252G / 84 SERVINGS - Vivo Life

    Creatine increases physical performancein successive bursts of short term, highintensity exercise. Certified by The Vegan Society Third party tested for quality and purity Some of the benefits of creatine include: ENERGY Helps...

    In order to reduce our plastic wastewe have removed all disposable scoops from our products. Each serving can easily be measured using tablespoons, however if you would prefer a compostable...
  • Vivo Protein Shaker 600ml

    High Grade 304 Stainless Steel Made with the highest grade 304 stainless steel to make a durable, reusable, long lasting protein shaker to reduce plastic waste. Food Grade 304 Stainless...

    A complete multivitamin and mineral complex to support a plant based diet. Vitamin A, D3, Selenium and Zinc which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. B2 and...

    With anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties Sweet and spicy flavours from cardamom, cinnamon and ginger Inspired by a traditional ayurvedic recipe 750mg of Chaga mushroom per serving 100% of net profits...
  • Plant Protein Bars: Lemon and Cashew

    The better way to fuel your day 16g of natural plant protein per bar. Natural ingredients with vitamin, minerals and healthy fats. No added sugar, binders, artificial flavourings or sweeteners....
  • Plant Protein Bars: Cacao and Orange

    The better way to fuel your day 16g of natural plant protein per bar. Natural ingredients with vitamin, minerals and healthy fats. No added sugar, binders, artificial flavourings or sweeteners....
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